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Karl Gartung
For close to thirty-one years, Karl Gartung has served Woodland Pattern Book Center (and before that, Boox, Inc.) as a guiding force. He is a reader and writer with deep ethical commitment, vision, and a particular enthusiasm for poetry and visual work in outside traditions. His own work is grounded in the poetics of William Carlos William's Paterson and in it one hears echoes of Lorine Niedecker's deft and lightly punning musicality. His writing was charged, changed irretrievably by Paul Metcalf, Dick Higgins, Karl Young and Jerome Rothenberg. Karl's work has appeared in 26, Five Fingers Review, Convergence, Croton Bug, Convoy Dispatch, and was featured along with Karl Young and Morgan Gibson in a special issue of Gam: Roots of Experimental Writing in Milwaukee. Karl is artistic director at Woodland Pattern and works at United Parcel Service as a truck driver, union steward and activist.

Two Poems

Karl Gartung

we think
of you all


and her

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