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  Kathleen Fraser
Kathleen Fraser
Kathleen Fraser
's sixteen books include her new mixed genre collection DISCRETE CATEGORIES FORCED INTO COUPLING; a recent chapbook of collaged wall pieces, hi dde violeth i dde violet ; and an essay collection, Translating the Unspeakable: Poetry and the Innovative Necessity. She has collaborated on two artist booksboundayr, with aquatints by Sam Francis, and from a text, with original paintings by Mary Ann Hayden. Fraser currently teaches a Master's seminar at California College of the Arts, focused on mixed media collaborations. During her teaching career at San Francisco State University she founded The American Poetry Archives and wrote/narrated the hour video "Women Working in Literature." After a Guggenheim took her to Italy in 1981, she established residence in Rome where she and philosopher husband A.K. Bierman have since lived each spring, lecturing and translating. Fraser published and edited the ground-breaking journal HOW(ever) from 1983 to 1991, forwarding the dialogue between scholarship and innovative writing by women; in 1997 she initiated its more recent electronic version How2.

"The signal ambit of Kathleen Fraser's remarkable poetic career has encompassed the feminist concern with exclusion, marginality and the generation of "voice," as well as the poststructuralist intrigue surrounding the construction of the self through language. Throughout, she has reveled in the liberating play of words themselves. Fraser's devotion to discovery, her willingness to risk, and her profoundly lyrical sense of the intimate place her not only among our most daring poetic innovators, but also mark her as one of the pre-emiment poets of the past thirty years."
Patrick Pritchett


Kathleen Fraser
You were sitting eating your sandwich between here and
where you'd started from an hour earlier, having abandoned
your overheated car in crosstown traffic,
struck down by an unpredictable wind that slammed through
the pastel threadbare summer. You were off somewhere
attempting to raise a 19th century sail sewn to bamboo stalks with
white canvas leaning & pulling leftward into the watery grid's red edge.

You tried to remember where you'd parked your car. You lifted
the phone to your ear and began: "Oh god forgive me,
I really do like you, but I'm turning back, I just can't keep going on
like this."

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