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  Ken Waldman
Ken Waldman has lived in the Alaskan interior, rural Alaska,
Ken Waldman
and now resides in Anchorage. He has traveled across the country for over a decade, reading and performing at schools, coffeehouses, bookstores and bars. Waldman is also an accomplished old-time fiddler. He plays an archaic traditional style melding with the poetry and storytelling that make up his performances. His work takes us from the humorous to the political to the elegy, all deeply resonant of the Alaskan experience, creating a deeper understanding through the appearance of simplicity. Waldman has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, has received numerous grants, and is widely published in national literary journals. He is the proprietor of The Nomadic Press, a publisher of poetry bookmarks, postcards, and chapbooks.

Inner Nome

Ken Waldman
This spirit road of ghost
shrub tundra, and air current
spiraling uphill beyond fog,
wind, the memory of trees,
toward a small clearing
of blackened rock, burnt grass,
all that remains of the cabin
fire that took a life—

and continues past that spot,
past unmarked grave, gravel,
past ice, hail, drizzle, the gray
cloud countries of ancient grit,
past salmon creeks, blueberries,
reindeer, past a world shiny
and rich, the sun in love,
past everything but source.

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