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  Kerri Sonnenberg
Kerri Sonnenberg Kerri Sonnenberg lives in Chicago where she directs the Discrete Reading Series, presently at the SpareRoom, and which she co-founded
Kerri Sonnenberg
in 2003 with Jesse Seldess. She is the author of The Mudra (Litmus Press, 2004) and Practical Art Criticism, a chapbook from Bronze Skull Eights Press. New poems are forthcoming in Magazine Cypress and Unpleasant Event Schedule.


Kerri Sonnenberg
all sleep would let me tell
is that kind of wish to please the cold
where before every sleep might carry
us together rounding off
what light would leave open
our better hold on photography

but an oscillating reference, the light
stops halfway toward the viewer
or description like a thunderstorm over
the desert, one can see it end
to end distantly contained

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