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  Lara Glenum
Lara Glenum was raised in the gothic South. She studied for her M.A. in English at the
Photo credit: Josef Horacek
Photo credit:
Josef Horacek
University of Chicago and received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from The University of Virginia, where she was a Hoyns Teaching Fellow. In 2000, she received a Fulbright to Prague to translate 20th C. Czech poetry. She continues to collaborate on translations of Czech avant-garde poets with her husband, Josef Horcek. At present, she teaches among the kudzu vines at The University of Georgia, where she is a Ph.D. candidate specializing in Modernism and the Historical Avant-Garde, post-modern aesthetics, and theories of the sublime and the grotesque. Her poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

:: Out of the Coffin I Leap ::

from The Hounds of NO

Lara Glenum
Thousand-eyed, I spin : My skin dripping ::
Off me like pearlescent wax : In my cell ::

I slit the throats of the Choirboys of Anguish ::
I set the Flocks of Emergency free ::

Out of the coffin I leap : My skin like ::
A sheet of holes : The light pouring through ::
The holes like tar : Let the pearls of insurrection

Roll across the dead eye of God : I carve ::
The bleeding swan out of the ranks ::

Of my own electric flesh : Out of my own ::
Ivory breastbone : I am the relic of the new ::
Ivory megaphone : I sky the reliquary, too ::
Of my own trick-flesh : Clouds of my moan ::

The bleedings want out of the bank ::
Enroll in the dead-eyed School of Dog : I, larvated ::

Three voles in tar : Let the pearls of an erect sun ::
A bleat of gaols : The kites snoring through ::
Out of the cough, in I creep : My grin a pike ::

I clot, a box of emergent seas on my knee ::
I omit the bloats of the cowboys of English ::

Scarf me like pear-luscious wax : In my knell ::
Thou-and-I, I spin : My seashell crippling ::

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