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  Laura Mullen
Laura Mullen recently joined the faculty at Louisiana State University. She is the author of four
Laura Mullen
books: her first collection of poems, The Surface (1991), was chosen as a National Poetry Series selection; her second collection, After I Was Dead (1999), was selected for the University of Georgia Press Contemporary Poetry Series. She is also the author of The Tales of Horror (Kelsey Street Press, 1999) and Subject, just out from the University of California Press. She has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, a Rona Jaffe Prize and several McDowell Colony Fellowships. Recent work has appeared in the Iowa Review, New American Writing, and The Iowa Anthology of New American Poetries.

"To write today in English means using an idiom that is hegemonic, 'globalized,' no longer national. Vacated. A human, though, is necessarily sited, and here we find Mullen's Subject. Its movement open to both '(gone) and suture,' it grasps an anxiety in American speech too often covered over by Americans, though it's visible in the world. To cite Agamben: 'the ethical subject is a subject that bears witness to a desubjectivization.' Mullen's 'subject' is not one of triumphalism; it articulates the 'no-one,' ninguen, the 'not-even-who' that generates being's fibre, its viscosity, presence. In Mullen, 'Belonging to a body/To itself unrecognizable' is followed by 'Open the doors. Here.' Her 'here' is poetry that American English needs."

- Erin Moure

from Subject

Laura Mullen
Circles Empty Circles

(Breath cleared)
Edgesfragile petal

Dust your touch
Would tear through

caught in
Oh I see
(Through) you you

(O the snow the O
Made for the gone
Eye holes)

Oh they were so still, stilled, style
Oh they were
such echoes

Beautiful each
In its boxlabeled

Singing in the

Wed disappeared into
Laced our stiff
Bodies to each sorry
Try again window
Swinging perch in each

Singing their fool
Heads off thank you
Paper thin stutter there

Shrill each seeming
To sing how


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