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  Laura Sims
Laura Sims is the winner of the 2005 Fence Books Alberta Prize for her collection,
Laura Sims
Practice, Restraint. She was recently awarded a JUSFC / NEA Creative Artist Exchange Fellowship to spend six months in Japan next year. She has published two chapbooks: Bank Book (Answer Tag Press) and Paperback Book (3rd Bed), and her poems have appeared in the journals First Intensity, How2, 6X6, and 26, among others. She has written book reviews for Boston Review, Jacket, and Rain Taxi, and an overview essay on the work of Diane Williams for The Review of Contemporary Fiction. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where she teaches creative writing and composition at Madison Area Technical College and Edgewood College.

Winter in You

Laura Sims
Have I seen such a tower

Her fleshy, spectacular hand

Would the dogs not find

A tower of ash when the hearth wound down

What it costs

to put winter in you!

Her nails cleanly sculpted, bare

And the autumn?

One buys tires for life


Then her hair falls down

Her hand

Is the winter

lost, little innocent people?

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