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  Lisa Samuels
Lisa Samuels has a PhD from the University of Virginia with a dissertation on Wallace Stevens and Laura Riding.
Lisa Samuels
She publishes on Riding and other modernist and contemprary poets as well as on subjects such as poetic beauty, intellectual property and modes of poetic analysis. Her book, Seven Voices, was published by O Books in 1998 and she continues to publish widely in literary jounals. Samuels teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Lisa Samuels
Informal synaloepha: let's get dressed
upon the luminous and imaginary bed

of idea's thetic absolute,
the migratory inofrmation spread around

The form of crows, the wing of wings,
wholesome dilatory things, creeping through

rapt dreaming, adjust the head's
coarse irradiance, a search

to realign a steadiness
the lungs translate, the body glides

not as though time is a gift, not as if
one were made for it

from The stupification of her clothes

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