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  Matthew Klane
Matthew Klane
Matthew Klane is co-editor at Flim Forum Press (flimforum.blogspot.com). His recent chapbooks include Sorrow Songs (2007), Friend Delighting the Eloquent (2007), and The- Associated Press (2006). Other recent work can be found in Plantarchy!, string of small machines, and wordfor/word. Also, see The Meister-Reich Experiments, a rowdy hypertext housed at housepress.org. Currently, he lives and writes in Albany, NY.

from Che

Matthew Klane

Hey, on the Ideal -ism.
Rhetoric ricochets
lunar scree.
Greenland, free will,
milk money.

we are too few
to be

Let's lean
on the schisms.
Let's mean
what we say.

Let's go together
into Chile,
ho, to the tip
of this
grand continent,
precipice nondescript.


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