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  Michael Antonucci
Michael Antonucci's creative and scholarly work can (or will soon) be found in publications including Arkansas Review,
Michael Antonucci
African American Review, Callaloo, Cortland Review, Byline, Cold Mountain Review, Near South
, and VIA. A selection from his longer poem Baker Bowl is included in The City Visible: Chicago Poetry for the New Century (Cracked Slab, 2007). He is part of the Jimmy Wynn Ensemble, a Chicago collaborative writing experiment. Currently at work on a poetic series called Halogen Martyrs, his favorite element is Hassium.

from Baker Bowl

Michael Antonucci
Post Card 7

To: Baker

the orgy of
finger pointing   insued
I          do not have
the space (or time)
to offer Lincoln's case against

Catholicism       (or Jesuits.

((but )) close friend,
S. F. B. Morse, inventor, premillennialist,
(telegraph and Morse Code
writing in

"Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States"

follows   Frederick Schlegel,


Monarchy // Catholicism       inseparable

I wiff

(Murtaugh over Ozark, again.

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