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Mike Hauser grew up in the Township of Addison in Wisconsin. Two, among many, experiences had an early effect on him—staring out of his window at the blinking
Mike Hauser
red lights of the communications tower a few miles away and hearing Groucho Marx's monologues in the movie Animal Crackers. Both were profoundly literary experiences. He started trying to write poetry after reading "Childhood" by Rimbaud. He edited the poetry portion of Furrow: Undergraduate Review of Literature and the Arts out of UW-Milwaukee. He got the university to pay for Alice Notley to come and read and then quit. He later resurfaced with dodo bird, a poetry magazine. He likes poems that are clear and poems that are not so clear. He doesn't see why seriousness and humor should be mutually exclusive and has a weakness for orange soda.

Atmosphere Poem

Mike Hauser
I'm in love w/the atmosphere again tonight
and lovely on such a night not to have
been ditched by...oh I don't know
Aphrodite or my own personal Jiminy
Cricket and swell on a such a night
as such to test the water levels touch
the wet hand on my arm to my tasty brow
(yucky!) without as such the filtration of B.O.
or Holy Water (holy B.O.) though I like Holy
Water I like anything Holy especially the Gee Willikers
of sheer drink by the harbor of dreaming the selfish
boats the bluing cheeks of the hand and the water
in the hand and the sight of a sight being
sighted nightly in the microwave dinner bowl
the reheated chicken lucky to be not called chicken
going to the circus with the Kaiser's nephews before you
drift off to sleep and that's it that's why I'm in love w/ the

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