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  Myung Mi Kim
Myung Mi Kim was born in 1957 in Seoul, Korea. Her family immigrated to the United States when she was nine. When describing the influence that event had upon her writing, she says, "There's
Myung Mi Kim
something about being nine or so—you have enough access to the language, you feel a connection to the culture fully. And yet again, that culture is and will be embedded in you. In this strange region of knowing and not knowing, I have access to Korea as a language and culture but this access is shaped by rupture (leaving the country, the language). When I engage 'Korea'—what resemblance does it have to any 'real' place, culture, or the language spoken there? So in this effort and failure of bridging, reconfiguring, shaping, and being shaped by loss and absence, one enters a difficult negotiation with an Imaginary and a manner of listening which to me is the state of writing."

Kim holds degrees from the University of Iowa (MFA), The Johns Hopkins University (MA) and Oberlin College (BA). She is an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at San Francisco State University.


Myung Mi Kim
  With foremost authority assume
Set by pail set by pall
Burgeoning will
Land and its periphery
First rave to core
Afford: could nearly lose

Banner hung
Myung Mi Kim speaking
Due west directly west
Occupation must within a reasonable time
Be added to the discovery to constitute
A valid title to territory in the New World
Three mile swath reaching each direction

Proven pulse:    barb light
Collapsible pillar and roof
Donor:    dolor
Placement between l and r
Domain:    matching years and service
Attributable cause:    surfeit's laws
Braving cut:    neck without collar

Its second member /ric/ meaning "powerful"
First member /am/, "labor," endurance of toil
Evidence exhibited to best light
More than a light besieged
Newest state
Delicate vein
Shelter askant

Two cycles of growth
To cross and alter
Land and peoples
Task of tender
Skill of excess
First rank and chiasma
A bearing. Affix

from Dura

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