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Nathan Hoks
Nathan Hoks is the author of two books of poetry, Reveilles and The Narrow Circle, which was chosen by Dean Young as a winner of the 2012 National Poetry Series and recently published by Penguin. His translations and poems have appeared in journals such as The Colorado Review, jubilat, Crazyhorse, Lit, Circumference, and Verse. He works as a writing tutor at Truman College and as an editor and letterpress printer for Convulsive Editions, a micro-press that publishes chapbooks and broadsides.

Hôtel L'Intérieur

Nathan Hoks
When I suck on the mint I have
The sensation that there is a hotel
In my chest and it is my duty

To clean the linens and vacuum
The hallways which are lined
With Louis Quatorze mirrors.

The guests wear red tights
And smoke tobacco from the colonies.
When they fall asleep they evaporate

So I am left with these flame-shaped curtains.
I draw a bath and snuff the candle.
I am so bored with feeling.

Steam of the Exterior

I am watching the steam come off
A team of oxen grunting
In the cold spring morning.

Soon it will snow.
Tomorrow I have to have a tooth removed
And the snow will melt

And the cold spring morning
Will be perfect for working the team of grunting oxen.
I'll watch the steam come off.

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