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  Philip Jenks
Philip Jenks was born in North Carolina and grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia. He has published two books of poetry, On the Cave You Live In (Flood Editions 2002)
Philip Jenks
and My First Painting will be "The Accuser" (Zephyr Press 2005). His most recent chapbook is How Many of You Are You?, published by Dusie in 2006. My First Painting will be "The Accuser" was nominated for the Oregon Book Award and the James Laughlin Award. He is currently on tour reading poetry, singing and playing percussion with Neil Michael Hagerty's band "The Howling Hex".

"I am an American. I like soup and long traffic jams. English is my first and only language. Phil Jenks is a man of many languages and I trust him to convert the currency of the commonplace from all of them into mine. Thanks Phil, and keep the schwa, the service here was excellent."
Neil Michael Hagerty

How Many of You Are You?

Philip Jenks
Did you cover up tracks with "God is deadly"
All because to electrify his name was
Pure sin? Strangles of living wire attack the
Edifice. A sarcastic slice of "Modern
Man" can be heard, walkman = armor.
And the minute but distinct cross it put me
Off on my paper route, exchanging Jesus
For Black Flag. A ridiculous attempt to
Closet the sound it then broke down when I got
Closer and heard them revelating inside.
Sunday papers I would whitely listen from
Those stairs and told my Episcopalian
Minister dad that if I went for it, it'd
be pentacostal. He shudder. Turn all pale.

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