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  Quincy Troupe
Quincy Troupe is the author of eight volumes of poetry including The Architecture of Language (Coffee House, 2006) and
Quincy Troupe
Transcircularities: New and Selected Poems (Coffee House Press, 2002). In addition to chronicling his friendship with Miles Davis in the memoir Miles and Me, which is set to be developed into a feature film, Troupe has recently published children's books on Magic Johnson and Stevie Wonder. He divides his time between New York and a country side village in Montebello, Guadeloupe.

"Inspired by contemporary art, music, literature, and sports, Troupe dismantles the dangerously clichd, wooden rhetoric saturating our national discourse and rebuilds the language in poems bursting with beauty, energy, and enough imaginative fire to light the way to the future." More on Quincy Troupe—an interview by Mary Vuk

The Signatures of Time

Quincy Troupe
binding signatures of time are fading footprints
tracking across wind-blown desert floors,

newspapers whipping down cold, empty streets,
split apart, become wings sailing like stingrays
swimming through wash of an emerald sea,

history is moments gleaned from unsorted stacks
holding facts, voices steamed clean as mussels
on a plate, disintegrating on worn tapes,
splintering on spools in old tape recorders,

like photos fading out in yellowing newspapers

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