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  Rebecca Brown
Rebecca Brown is the author of ten books, most recently the memoir, Excerpts from a Family Medical Dictionary,
Rebecca Brown
published by Granta Books(UK), and University of Wisconsin Press (USA) and a winner of the 2003 Washington State Book Award. In May 2003 City Lights published her memoir-in-essays, The End of Youth. Among her other books are The Gifts of the Body, The Dogs: A Modern Bestiary, Annie Oakley's Girl, and The Terrible Girls. In 2003 she collaborated with Better Biscuit Dance to create, The Tragedy, a performance that ran for 2 successful weekends of performance at Velocity Studio. Brown has recently written the libretto for The Onion Twins, a dance opera, created in collaboration with Better Biscuit Dance and composer Michael Katell. She has also written the text for the artist's book, Woman in Ill-Fitting Wig, with painter, Nancy Kiefer, which accompanies an exhibit of the artists' work that will be on display at the Hugo House Gallery in Seattle in March 2005. Brown's first play, The Toaster, was commissioned by New City Theater in Seattle. It will be performed in 2005. She is also a regular speaker with the Seattle Opera for their Dangerous Opposites Lecture series. Brown's books have been translated into Japanese, German, Dutch, etc. She is currently a member of the MFA in writing faculty at Goddard College in Vermont.


Rebecca Brown
It happens at night when you are not awake enough and not enough asleep. In the morning when the dark and light are breaking up, apart, and you can't tell the difference. When you think you may be safe, when it may be safe to look, then out the window you almost see some thing—

Lift your hand.

You lift your hand you lift your hand as if toward—

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