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  Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson lives in Shorewood, Wisconsin. His poetry has appeared most recently in Free Verse, Backstreet Poets Quarterly,
Stephen Anderson
the Wisconsin Poets' Calendar, and in Southwest Review. He was the First Place winner of the Kay Saunders Memorial New Poet Award in the 2005 Triad Contest of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. His chapbook, The Silent Tango of Dreams, was published in June, 2006 by Pudding House Publications.

Copper Dream

Stephen Anderson
This is really Neruda's land,
land of campesinos, rotos, Chile Mierda,
land of Salvador Allende's spaghetti Western fantasies
of good versus evil amid shadows of gray,
lightness and darkness,
land where social contrast triumphs over social justice.
Clint Eastwood has no idea that he was
a hero of the first freely elected Marxist leader
in Latin America, the man who would be
one among many of the victims
of Pinochet's slick holstered Boys.
The dream of Neruda's land
remains connected to me by a thin thread
spun out of dusty memories of my alien status there,
in the land of campesinos, rotos, and
Chile Mierda.

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