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  Sue Blaustein
Sue Blaustein
Susan Blaustein grew up in New York and has lived in Wisconsin since 1974, moving from Madison to Milwaukee in 1979. Her work has appeared in the Wisconsin Academy Review and will appear in the Fall 2007 issue of Wisconsin People and Ideas. Poems have also appeared in the New Delta Review, Isotope - A Journal of Literary Nature and Science Writing and the anthology In My Neighborhood - Celebrating Wisconsin Cities. For her day job, Sue works as an inspector for the Milwaukee Health Department. She serves as president of her union local and as a volunteer organizer for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

"Businessmen Drink My Wine, Plowmen Dig My Earth"

Sue Blaustein
Tommy is a brown and black pit bull,
brindled like hiking socks. He looks
on his side, absorbing sun. Box headed
and narrow eyed, he's reconciled
as tortoises, draping
his flamingo tongue loosely, like
a tablecloth, between his teeth. He lives
in the yard to my north and
yawning refreshes him, even though
he wakes in North Milwaukee.

There's a pit to my south too—
irritable, tan Missy,
who snorts at softener steam
from the dryer vent. She folds
her articulate ears,
stretches a tawny line of nipples—vain,
but ridden by undercurrents of impotence
and suffering. She should be the boss,
but like this city under trifling leaders,
Missy is thwarted and sour
most of the time.

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