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  Susan Firer
Susan Firer grew up along the Western shore of Lake Michigan, where she now lives, writes and works. She has authored four
Susan Firer
collections of poetry. Her third book The Lives of the Saints and Everything was 1993 winner of the Cleveland State University Poetry Center Prize. It has been praised as an exploration of "the rituals, feelings, and language of a Catholic childhood" and as a probing into "the mysterious images of [Firer's] own history—parents, children, music, the seasons, and the curious lives of the saints". Her most recent publication The Laugh We Make When We Fall (2002) was the winner of the 2001 Backwaters Prize. Firer is adjunct Assistant Professor in the English Department where she teaches courses in creative writing and women's studies.

"To read the poetry of Susan Firer is to enter a unique building constructed by the imagination, like Kubla Khan's pleasure-dome, out the the shimmering material of words. These poems reveal a love of language both for its own dear sake and for its ability to deliver the news some of us cannot live without."
—Billy Collins

On the Island of the Elder Poets

In Memory of Kenneth Koch

Susan Firer
"Why live in the provinces
when you could be in the capital?"

"Don't tell people you like Sexton—
it makes you look bad!"

"No atmosphere, please."

"If you don't sleep with me,
I will kill myself."

"Kiss me after my reading."

"Will you do my wash?"

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