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  Tom Raworth
For over four decades, Tom Raworth has been one of the essential contemporary writers. Poet, printer, publisher, editor, translator,
Tom Raworth
virtuoso performer, visual artist, satirist, foreign correspondent and perpetual shapeshifter, Raworth is an influential and widely admired figure on both sides of the Atlantic. Since 1966 he has published more than forty books and pamphlets of poetry, prose and translations, including Tottering State, a selected poems now in its third edition, and the monumental Collected Poems, published in 2003 by Carcenet.

from Ace

Tom Raworth
new face
from my home
what do you think
i'll voice out
of the news
alive and in love
another hole
near the edge
of the label and
play it
from there
with a light
bless you brother
til the energy
gaps again
let light
history think
leaves some thing
like a bomb
relief again
to sail

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