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  Will Alexander
Will Alexander was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and he grew up around the violence that has plagued this area for decades. A poet and visual artist, he has updated the alchemy of surrealist
Will Alexander
vision (found in such poets as Aim Csaire and Raymond Roussel) to write his own cosmic parables, in his own electric incandescent language. Alexander's writing represents a complex distillation of images from many fields, including botany, astronomy, psychology, physiology, mysticism, and history. Alexander's most recent titles include Sunrise in Armageddon (Spuyten Duyvil, 2006) and Exobiology As Goddess (Manifest Press, 2005).

"His work resembles no one's, and is instantly recognizable. In part, he is an ecstatic surrealist on imaginal hyperdrive. He is probably the only African-American poet to take Aim Csaire as a spiritual father (and behind Csaire, Artaud and Lautreamont). But he is also, like Hugh MacDiarmid—a writer of utterly different temperament—a poet whose ecstasy derives from the scientific description of the stuff and the workings of the world."
- Eliot Weinberger

from Above the Human Nerve Domain

Will Alexander
he is not an urn singer
nor does he carry on rapport
with negative forces within extinction

he is the brush fire singer
who projects from his heart
the sound of insidious subduction
of blank anomaly as posture
of opaque density as ash

he distanced from prone ventriloqual stammer
from flesh
& habit
& drought

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