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William Fuller
  William Fuller
Drawing equally on Buddhist sutras and country blues, William Fuller's Sadly, Flood Editions, 2003, derives compassion from its ironic vision. Quick and sometimes elusive, these poems observe fluctuations in the weather, economic markets, and human consciousness. In the Chicago Tribune, Maureen McLane has written of Fuller's "dense, elliptical meditations," finding "luminous images that consistently marry the cerebral and the sensual."

William Fuller grew up in Barrington, Illinois. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in 1983. For the last twenty years he has worked at The Northern Trust Company in Chicago. He is the author of Byt, Aether and Sugar Borders among others.

The Feels

William Fuller

This is good he yells I'm waiting for dinner. All night long the stars are chiming. Already, the morning sun is here. Materialism was born in India and again in outer space. If we cannot refer to what doesn't exist then I'll stop talking to you now.

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